Making Up Excuses To Hide Anxiety As A Reason

Having anxiety means you are living in a world in which often, you do not feel safe. Those around you do not understand how you feel, everything you feel, do, or not do seems like some excuse to them. Even if they try, they just cannot understand.

There are numerous situations in which your anxiety takes control over you, so in one of them you end up at home instead of the planned social event. Sadly, besides not understanding, people around you may even be afraid of your condition.

All of that makes your life a living hell. No matter how much you are trying, sometimes, everything strikes you, and you are lost and hurt.

Also, it is really hard to live with the fact that your anxiety makes you feel bad and it seems like an invalid excuse in many situations.

Missing Something Due to Anxiety

Having anxiety means you are also overthinking everything. So, whenever you have to miss something because of your anxiety attack, you have no idea what to tell as an excuse.

For instance, when you miss going to work, you would really wish to were down with the flu because that would be a “relevant and understandable” excuse. People get you when you cannot function because of all of the flu symptoms.

However, it feels pretty awkward to tell your boss that your lungs were collapsing and you were shaking so badly, so you were not able to do your work that day.

Everything is much harder when you have planned to go out with your friends after a long time, and suddenly your bed does not want you to leave it. You feel drained and you just cannot get up and go out.

Of course, to make everything worse, your friends say something like “You never go out with us,” and that makes you scream on the inside.

Furthermore, dealing with anxiety means that sometimes you need to take prescribed pills, and when people learn that, they feel a little bit scared. All of a sudden, you are the crazy one, the one who has no worth, the incapable one.

When you tell your friends that you keep Xanax with you in case of emergency, they look at you as if you were a drug addict. That hurts.

People see you as a liar, a lazy person that does not want to do anything. They often see you as a psychopath or a faker. The truth is, you are just too fragile to face everything like the rest of the world does.

All is in your head, they say. Sometimes, you believe that is true, but it is not easy to convince your body what is the truth.

When you are locked in your bedroom, unable to breathe, think, or move while your ears are ringing, it is really difficult to tell yourself that everything is just in your head.

Those who go to school find anxiety really hard and that is so because in schools they usually have only three absences. Sometimes, the psychiatrist in the school can understand this person that struggles, but they end up labeled as “the disabled one.”

Teachers may see them as students with low self-esteem that just want to get through school in an easier way. But, that is not the reality. These students want to live a comfortable life and to follow their dreams, but everything is much harder.

There are numerous times when you just cannot start a chat with a stranger. Also, you feel afraid to text your friends or answer back to a message. People think that you do not care about them, when in fact, you do, but you are trying to survive.

Sadly, your way of avoiding social interaction makes you seem like you are not very brave. Not looking people in their eyes does not mean that you are not listening, you do.

Usually, you are the one that is shy and quiet and just observes everything around. They have no idea you are dealing with anxiety because your attacks happen before you meet them.

Trying to seem calm in public just to hide your real self from the world does not mean that you have calmed your mind. When someone gives you a strange look, you are freaking out.

So, you may just run to the bathroom and splash your face with water and then, you go back like everything is normal.

It is hard to tell yourself that everything is in your head when your throat closes, your muscle contract, and you feel like the world is going to end.

Your anxiety does not leave you and it prevents you from accepting opportunities that you may enjoy. The safest time for you is your sleep. When you sleep, you are in a safe world. After all, you are a person that is just trying to survive another day.

Nonetheless, you need to remember that you are one of the strongest people on this planet no matter what others say. You are a fighter and you should never give up on yourself. One day you will beat your anxiety.

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