170 Million Americans are Drinking Radioactive Water – This Interactive Map Shows If You Are Too

A new recent investigation brought shocking news. More than 50% of America’s drinking water is radioactive! It contains 2 major radioactive compounds that can cause cancer, such as chromium-6 and radium.

A subject people don’t talk a lot about is the drinking water problem. As a result, a group of independent investigators tried to shed some light on the ever-growing problem.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) announced that a huge amount of the tap water in all fifty states in the US contains radioactive compounds that can cause cancer.

Further Analysis

The EWG analyzed almost 50,000 public water facilities and concluded that the tap water 170 million Americans are using on a daily basis is extremely contaminated.

However, in 27 states the level of contamination exceeds the regulations imposed by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). What the water in those 27 states contains is radium.

Radium naturally enters the ground and contaminates the groundwater via its deposits in the Earth’s crust. Furthermore, if people paid more attention, they would have realized that the bases of the U.S. Air Forces contaminate the water with chromium-6.

Another radioactive element that can cause a deadly disease. What disturbs the natural deposits are the unnatural activities such as oil drilling and fracking. They cause the releasing of ions, or in other words ‘’ionizing’’ that end up polluting our groundwater.

Moreover, the EPA claims that all ionized radiation is carcinogenic. But, to keep people safe, some safe levels are set in motion.

Endless Toxic Compounds

Radium and chromium-6 are not the only toxic compounds that are a part of the tap water. There are some other compounds which are present in the municipal water like hydrofluorosilicic acid and fluorosilicate.

These toxic compounds can cause low IQ and cancer. This serves as a proof of how harmful this drinking water can be for the people all over the U.S.

Safe Levels of Radium

According to a study conducted from 2010 and 2015, there are around 122 million people that consume drinking water that contains radium.

But, this level of radium is deemed safe. As the vice president of government affairs, Scott Faber claims, there is data that proves that many consumers drink finished tap water that contains a huge amount of radium that is above the safe levels.

And many more Americans will keep getting radioactive drinking water that contains a high level of contamination.

However, he stated, there is a huge difference between legal and safe. According to reports, 158 public water systems that provide water for Americans in 27 different states, or 276,000 people, contain radium above the federal legal limit.

To this statement the toxicologist, Alexis Temkin added, that 122 million people or 38% of all Americans consume radium from the tap water. But, this level of radium concentration is far above California’s public health goals.

Additionally, in all the research and investigation papers, there is a significant amount of evidence that claims 173 million Americans consume radium from the tap water.

But, the people who are exposed to a huge amount of contamination are from Texas and California where 80% of all residents have radium in their drinking water.

EWG Warning

The EWG stated that most radioactive elements that are in the drinking water come from natural sources.

‘’However, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t get the protection they need. As a result, we need to set stronger standards for tap water and take better care of the drinking water ’’, said Olga Naidenko, the senior science adviser at EWG.

Due to the outdated federal standards, many people don’t even know that they are consuming extremely dangerous water. Millions of Americans are consuming this type of extremely contaminated water that can have some frightening harmful effects.

Interactive Map

The radioactive elements that the water contains are extremely dangerous for the health. As a result, the EWG created an interactive map. The goal of this map is to help residents all across the U.S. see if they are drinking contaminated water.

To see if your region has contaminated water check this link.

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