5 Actions and Behaviors Only Toxic People Do

5 Actions and Behaviors Only Toxic People Do

Toxic people are everywhere; the hard thing is to recognize them. You see, they look just like everyone else, and they talk like everyone else. Toxic people can easily be disguised as your best friend, partner, or family member.

Toxic people are good actors, skilled liars, and great manipulators. They are abusive and unsupportive people. How will you know that you’re dealing with a bad, toxic person?

Well, whenever you hang out or encounter them, you will feel exhausted, get a negative vibe and feel as you are emotionally drained.

There is always something going on with them. They are usually those people who are difficult to deal with. What can you do? You should learn their behaviors, recognize them and avoid them.

It is the only way to detox your life. You cannot have a healthy and happy life with a toxic person by your side.

Behaviors and Actions of Toxic People

#1 Toxic People Exaggerate

Often they exaggerate. They say things such as “You always..” or “You never…” In such situations, it is difficult to defend yourself against this type of manipulation.

#2 Toxic People Don’t Take Responsibility for Anything They Do

They always defend their perspective, and they never take responsibility for anything they do, regardless of the circumstances. Toxic people make elaborate lies before admitting it is their fault.

They pretend that things aren’t obvious. Being around such a person can drive you crazy.

#3 Toxic People Don’t Give a Real Impression of Themselves

Toxic people don’t give you a real impression of who they are. They try their best to hide who they really are. They do not show it. It is hard for you to recognize who you are with because they are not the same individual all the time.

Often, they change their perspective, attitude, and behavior, that depends on what they want to have happened or on what they believe they need to get. One day they can be distant and abusive and they next they can be loving and attentive.

This is how they try to control you.

#4 Toxic People Always Have a Crisis Going On

They always have some sort of a crisis going on, and they always need support. You should understand that their time of need never really passes.

In case you do not respond in that time when they want attention, you should be ready for aggression, passive aggression, anger and guilt trip. They want you to be always there for them even if they aren’t always there for you.

They will accuse you by saying that they had the worst night of their life and you weren’t there. They will call to tell that they are feeling bad, but you can go on doing your chores and that maybe they will be alright.

Don’t fall for these tricks, what they are trying to do is manipulate you. They want attention. That attention boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel better about themselves.

#5 Toxic People Criticize All the Time

Usually, they’re judgemental people who look down on everyone around them. They begin with the little things, such as saying that they do not like your dress or your haircut.

But after, they start pointing out on the thing you are most passionate about, and the people you love. And what they do is that they try to make you feel bad about it. You see, they do not want to see anyone happy.

They cannot stand other people being happy. You do not want someone like that around you, right? Well, you need to recognize these people and eliminate them from your life, if you’re planning on being happy in life.

Don’t be around such people, you only live once, make sure you live life as you want.

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