RH Negative Blood Type in Humans May Be Extraterrestrial

People have four blood types names as A, B, AB, and O. The blood types are categorized in this way from the proteins that are found on the surface of cells. The role of the proteins is to battle bacteria and viruses in the bodies of people.

So, the amounts of protein are used to categorize the blood types, except the RH negative blood type.

People who have these proteins are RH positive, but those who do not have enough are RH negative. About 15% of people have this rare blood type. The thing that is interesting is that people with RH negative blood type, possess unusual personality characteristics.

Probably, you are wondering how is this explained, and why does this blood type exist. It may sound unbelievable, but scientists believe that these humans come from Venus, Mars, or some other place in the universe.

Before we continue, we need to explain the characteristics of the RH negative people.

People with RH negative blood type have two sides, one good and one bad. The good one is that they can donate blood for every other type. But, the bad side they are not able to receive the other blood types.

Most RH negative humans live in the northern Europe. About 30 percent of people from France and Spain have this blood type, and 60 percent have one gene that is negative.

People with this blood type have orange hair color and green or blue eyes. Also, they are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The interesting thing is that these people have increased mental, emotional and physical awareness.

Women whose babies have the same RH negative blood type have difficulty in giving birth. This situation seems as if the body of the pregnant woman is trying to kill the baby in the womb.

But, is this enough to settle that the theories of aliens are true? The researchers think that this may give us an explanation why women with RH negative blood type, cannot tolerate babies with RH positive blood type. So, this intolerance may originate from a genetic modification of the RH positive and negative types cannot merge with each other.

The origins of this theory come from Sumerian ancient times when the Anunnaki (“alien” race) created the first people. There are strong beliefs that these people created better and advanced beings that served them as slaves.

That is not all. There is another very interesting fact. In fact, the British royal family has a strain of RH negative blood type. This leads to many different theories that maybe the royal family is extraterrestrial. However, there is no proof for this theory, but there are still so many questions about it.

After all, there are many questions considering these theories. For instance, you may question yourself how would people react if the human kind originates from beings that are not from Earth.

Does it make sense? What kind of changes should we expect if we find out that there is still some strange bond with these extraterrestrial beings?

Source: Seize Positivity

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