A Major Discovery May Change Our View On History: Pyramids Found In Antarctica

Did you know that Google Earth serves you for more than just checking where your ex-partner lives? Not long ago, Google Earth has revealed a constellation of three pyramids covered with snow in Antarctica. Researchers are very surprised.

Moreover, two pyramids are located on land; the third one is close to the coastline. Interestingly, this finding may rewrite our history.

There is no research that has mentioned that there was a civilization in Antarctica, and especially not one that knows how to build pyramids. Well, the question is how did the pyramids get there? In order to get an answer, we need to search back in history.

Even kids know that Antarctica is an extremely cold place, and it is frozen. Anyway, it was not like this since always. Millions of years ago, Antarctica once was closer to the equator.

This backed up by Dr. Vanessa Bowman; she says that millions of years ago Antarctica was covered in rainforests just like those in New Zealand. And, NASA agrees as well.

In the Lake Vida in Antarctica, they revealed microbial lifeforms that were stuck under a sheet of ice which was 65-foot-thick. This shows that there were microorganisms from warmer climates.

Nowadays, even with modern technology, people could not even think of building a pyramid there. Obviously, the pyramids were built during the time when there were people living in Antarctica.

And, this presents a problem concerning how we see history. In fact, this means that before a hundred million years there were people who built pyramids while Antarctica was close to the equator.

Even though it was believed that humans did not exist that long ago, maybe it is high time for us to change that opinion.

Egyptian pyramids are something incredible and fascinating in modern times too. But, what can we learn from this new discovery? Should we explore more?

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