Cancer Patients Are More Likely To Die If They Choose Alternative Medicine As A Treatment

As we all know cancer is a frightening illness. Going through chemotherapy as a treatment that you can never know if it is going to work, and dealing with side effects can be even worse for some patients.

Some may say that smelling salts instead of chemotherapy are a better alternative in treating cancer and they have no side effects, and that is why many people turn to this natural and “magical” remedy.

Nonetheless, doctors recommend chemotherapy instead of homeopathy for a reason. Alternative therapies become medicine when they prove to be effective. They are called “alternative” because there is no proof that they are effective.

Furthermore, there is one new research that says people who choose alternative medicine instead of medicinal science have bigger chance to pass away due to cancer.

Researchers from the University of Yale analyzed the National Cancer Database for the sake of their research “Use of Alternative Medicine for Cancer and Its Impact on Survival.” Below is a graph from the study which was published in JNCI.

There about 34 million records of patients with cancer in which there is information about their treatment and survival rates as well. So, scientists used this data in order to follow 280 patients diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and used alternative medicine as a treatment.

Also, they observed another 560 control patients that chose conventional medicine such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and so on.

After five years of observing, they revealed that 78.3% of people who used medicinal treatment were still living, which is higher than the 54.7% of the living patients who chose alternative medicine.

Moreover, the study looked at other types of cancer, according to the RealClear Science. They revealed that patients with lung cancer who choose alternative therapy are two times more likely to pass away after five years.

Patients with colorectal cancer have four times bigger chances of passing away if they choose an alternative treatment. The most shocking findings were for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

In general, the findings of the study revealed that if a person gets cancer, the best treatment is one that has been proven by medical experts. Medicine is improving more and more which leads to people surviving cancer for longer than ever.

So, choosing alternative therapy instead of medical science means you are rejecting your chances of survival. It is up to you.

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