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Education Changes: Finland Will Become the First Country in the World With the Phenomenon-Based Learning by 2020

Everything changes and evolves except the education. This is an era of technology in which we can access endless information. Yet, the educational system still expects us to learn everything from books even though it may not serve us in our future lives and professional development. Probably, there have been a lot of times when […]

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Words “Allah” and “Ali” Found on Viking’s Funeral Clothes


In Sweden, researchers have discovered Arabic characters which were entwined into the costumes for funerals from the Viking’s boat burial places. According to the journalist Tharik Hussain, this finding provokes new questions about the effect that Islam had in Scandinavia. The boat graves were kept for more than a hundred years, removed as specific samples […]

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Hugh Hefner’s Life and Funeral

Hugh Hefner's Life and Funeral

Probably, you have heard about Hugh Hefner. He was known because of his various girlfriends and of course, Playboy magazine. But, it may sound as a surprise; Hugh will not be buried next to any of his girlfriends or wives. The creator of the Playboy magazine passed away on September 27, 2017. He died at […]

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