Big-Headed Babies Are Smarter

Nobody wants to hear that they have a big head. And if someone says it people usually reply that their head is bigger due to their big brain. Well, this might turn out to be true. And saying that someone has a big head might be considered as a compliment.

How so? Well according to one study those people with larger heads are smarter.

The study from UK Biobank found that babies who are born with big heads are more likely to be smarter.

The journal Molecular Psychiatry published this study. This study looked at the connection between IQ, overall health, and genes.

The study came to the discovery that people born with big heads are notably more likely to display bigger intelligence later in life, which will be seen in achievements such as getting a college degree or having high scores on verbal-numerical reasoning test.

But what is seen as a big head?

Based on the study, babies who have a head circumference from 12.5 to 14 inches are most likely to be smarter.

But, big heads alone are the only predictor of someone’s intelligence.

In addition, the study came to the discovery that greater overall health is actually related to high intelligence levels.

According to Saskia Hagennars, a researcher, this study supports the theory that those people who have better overall health have higher levels of intelligence.

Therefore, if your baby has a big head, you don’t have to worry since it might be a good thing.

Another Research on Babies

But talking about babies, should pets be around them? Well, all pet lovers can take a deep breath and relax. Why?

Because according to this study, having a pet might improve the health of your baby.

This is even possible if the mother is around her pet while pregnant.

You might be concerned that your dog or cat is going to up the germ factor, but in fact, these germs might be useful and helpful.

The researchers actually analyzed around 746 households for 3 years.

They came to the discovery that homes in which the little ones and pregnant moms were exposed to pets resulted in babies which high levels of good gut bacteria.

This bacteria helps combat specific health condition such as obesity and allergies.

But still, you should let the pet lick your baby’s face. This is amazing for all people and families who have pets.

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